‘Captivating, unearthly and indescribably beautiful’
Serious Productions

Al Sharq Al Awsat article
Sheyma Buali

‘On this brilliantly realised debut... Attab Haddad gives a masterclass in the instrument's possibilities’ Read More...
Neil Spencer, The Guardian

‘It is rare to find a musician who, on his debut recording, is already confirming his stature as one of best ones in his field... Haddad's complete mastery of the instrument—with a poetic personal musical language and natural sense of openness— organically placing it into new genres such as chamber jazz, flamenco and contemporary music’ Read More...
Eyal Hareuveni, All About

‘Attab Haddad brings a contemporary edge to the age old traditions of the oud’
Lucy Harrison, Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Bath

‘The Oud is a traditional Arabic instrument, the breadth and beauty of which is no better illustrated than in the hands of Attab Haddad.... A precociously talented musician’
Matthew Woodward, Wotton Arts Centre

‘Attab Haddad is a virtuoso of the traditional Arabic lute or Oud to which he has brought a revolutionary new approach.’

‘His playing of this difficult instrument is impressive’
Paul Brazier,The Argus

‘Deftly Virtuosic’
Michael Quinn, Rock Reel