Attab Haddad Quintet

‘2012 has only begun but Days Distinctive is already a strong contender for this year's list of best releases’Read More...
Eyal Hareuveni, All About

'...where deep resonances from oud, cello and bass are balanced by fanciful flute and delicate percussion sounds; where rhapsodic melodic structures hint at a jazz-rock fusion love of unexpected twists and turns whilst being rooted in a great tune; where a tight compositional approach is cloaked in a sense of jazz-like freedom in the Quintet’s playing’
Sebastian Merrick, Kazum

The Attab Haddad Quintet plays Haddad’s original compositions drawing on Middle Eastern music, Flamenco, Jazz and contemporary composed music creating a sound that is unique to the band. Drawing on firm roots in both Middle Eastern music and Flamenco and an ever expanding interest in Jazz, Haddad's compositions describe an instrumental journey through Andalusia and the Middle East, resulting in a sound that can only be described as his own.

The group, who gig in different formations of its members, and is made up of some of the UK’s finest musicians in their respective fields, finished recording their debut album Days Distinctive in 2011, (written and produced by Haddad, out on Weave Records). They draw on diverse influences ranging from Flamenco to Jazz to Middle Eastern to Contemporary music, but gel together to create a homogenous whole whose sound is a natural evolution of modern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern instrumental music.